More than 12 MM of data
Faced with the challenges posed by censorship and opacity, we have been expanding our four databases. Today the mining of Vendata, distributed in Official Gazettes, Reports and Accounts, National Assembly and State-Owned Companies, contains a total of 12.983.849 data processed

During 2018, the Forensic Gazette Foundation of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) received, through six additional credits, 2.908.918.973,7 sovereign bolivars, which is equivalent to more than 91 million dollars at the official rate according to the Foreign Exchange System of Complementary Floating Market Exchange Rate (Dicom). […]

The lack of studies, inventories and monitoring of the state offices of Environment and Inparques caused, according to audits of the Comptroller General of the Republic in 2014, the carrying out of illegal activities, works and settlements in the Médano de Coro and Canaima national parks, in the Pedernales Forest Area and in the Piedra Natural Monument […]

According to the information published in Vendata Of the 576 State-Owned Companies, at least 60 have a military as the highest authority. Among the state companies led by the military, the case of PDVSA, Corpoelec and Cuspal stands out, which manage strategic sectors for the country and whose negative performance has led to the supply of […]

Open data from Venezuela at your fingertips

Journalists, researchers and academics today consult our databases in search of information that we have converted into open data. This is content that was in non-editable formats and today in Vendata are emptied, organized and available in tables, that allow establishing relationships, comparisons and analysis. We keep growing.