More than 250 agreements signed between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Russian Federation, from May 2001 to February 2022, for amounts of billions and mostly in oil matters, are those published in this database. However, despite Russian investment in the activity, the country registered historical lows in crude oil production and began importing gasoline from Iran, by May 2020, with 1,5 million barrels valued at US$40 million. .

As in the case of the agreements signed with the People's Republic of China, there is a huge amount of money involved, and in many of the 255 treaties signed with Russia, the information is incomplete, and it is difficult to locate and obtain from public bodies. competent. Given the opacity, it is not ruled out that there are other commitments in the period investigated.

By August 2022, although there have been at least four official meetings between authorities from Venezuela and Russia, no new agreements have been announced, only the ratification of alliances, mutual support and the intention to fulfill several previous commitments.

In the recent update of this database, information from previous exchanges was supplemented and new variables were incorporated, such as projects and acquisitions financed by Fonden.

You can review and download the database here.

This database is updated monthly. Blank cells indicate that no information on the topic has been obtained.