The registry of State-Owned Companies, EPE amounts to more than 950 entities. The latest review carried out by Transparency Venezuela allowed the incorporation of companies dependent on the governments, companies domiciled outside of Venezuela and those in which the Venezuelan State participates even without having a majority shareholding.

The information indicates that of the SOEs identified, 630 are in the hands of the National Executive with headquarters in Venezuela, 114 are outside the country and 218 are in the hands of the governments. Likewise, the registry pointed out that there are at least 23 companies in which the Venezuelan State has a minority stake. The database includes companies that have been closed, sold or in the process of liquidation, since it is considered that this information could be useful for research work.

The EPE database includes: name of the companies, sector to which they belong, objectives, goods and services they offer, how they were created, their background, data on their creation, type of ownership and legal form, affiliation body , budget and employment information, data on boards of directors, shareholding and, in other companies, participation in social programs or missions, public complaints of corruption, bad practices and inefficient management, sources of information used and business partners from other countries.

You can review and download the database here.

This database is updated monthly. Blank cells indicate that no information on the topic has been obtained.