The Project Memories and Accounts of Vendata It is proposed to transform the public information contained in the management reports of the institutions of the National Public Power in Venezuela into open data. The systematization is carried out with the use of data journalism techniques. This process began in 2013, only with the data of the entities belonging to the Citizen Power: Comptroller, Prosecutor and Ombudsman.

As of 2015, when the opposition obtained a majority in the National Assembly, the opacity of government management, the presentation of the report and account of the ministries and other State bodies has been practically nil, Venezuelan public entities do not present to the National Assembly or to the citizens their plans and results.

With these considerations, this database of reports and accounts only contains information on the Comptroller's Office (2011-2015), the Prosecutor's Office (2011-2015), the Ombudsman's Office (2011-2015), the Ministry of Popular Power for Ecosocialism (2013 -2015), Ministry of Popular Power for Oil (2011 and 2015), Ministry of Popular Power for Defense (2015), and Ministry of Popular Power for Indigenous Peoples (2012-2016)