About us

In the second half of 2015, the Venezuelan Institute for Press and Society (IPYS Venezuela) and Transparencia Venezuela convened a multidisciplinary team of journalists, lawyers, political scientists, internationalists, programmers and web designers to create Vendata, an online search platform that makes it possible to make available to Venezuelans, in a reusable format, official information that is only available in a closed format.

Vendata is a collaborative project with the participation of more than 50 people from different professions and allied non-governmental organizations that is aimed at journalists, researchers and citizens interested in learning about the decisions of the Venezuelan State. Vendata has released data from the Venezuelan Official Gazette related to the following topics of public interest: appointments of public officials, delegation of functions, creation of companies and State agencies, approval of laws, sanctions, additional credits, budget, expropriations and military promotions. As well as the data contained in the management reports of the Citizen Power institutions: Prosecutor's Office, Comptroller's Office and Ombudsman's Office.

Our objective is to contribute to institutional transparency, the development of an open government and the execution of social control by the Venezuelan society.