The Sanctions and Sanctioned database presents, in different tabs, the international measures that have been imposed on people, companies and assets linked to the governments of Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro. An additional tab was generated where the personal sanctions are totaled.
The directory of personal sanctions (2008 -2021) shows a brief profile of the sanctioned, the reason for the sanction, its scope and also contains a link to reach the original source that includes the measure. Meanwhile, sanctions against companies include the date on which the measure was announced, the full name of the company, the country in which it was created, the person to whom it is linked, the reason for the sanction and the link to the original source.

Finally, the database of sanctioned assets includes the type of asset in question, the date it was blocked, the country that applied the measure, the reason and scope of the decision, as well as the link to the original source.

You can review and download the database here.

This database is updated monthly. Blank cells indicate that no information on the topic has been obtained.